Fishermen’s Harbour is located on Harbour Road, immediately north of Port Alberni Harbour Quay, and is an attractive location for the West Coast fishing fleet. The Port Authority manages Fishermen’s Harbour through an agreement with Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans, Small Craft Harbours Branch. This facility is well equipped and intended to service commercial fishing vessels, tugs, salvage vessels and recreational vessels as space permits. With 7000 lineal feet of moorage space, Fishermen’s Harbour can accommodate up to approximately 500 vessels on a first come first serve bases with rafting.

Our Fishermen’s Harbour facility is equipped with electricity and potable water, oil recycling and garbage facilities, washrooms with showers and a 100-stall paved parking lot for customers and the public. In addition, the nearby Kingsway Street parking lot, owned by the Port Authority, offers ample free parking to users. Fishermen’s Harbour is situated in close proximity to a complete supply of shore services; including an ice plant, Canadian Alberni Engineering, marine ways, two 1.5 ton electric hydraulic winches and a sani-dump station.

Directly to the south of Fishermen’s Harbour we installed a floating breakwater; Centennial Pier that provides protection from the south to the marina.



INSURANCE REQUIRED : The Port Alberni Port Authority requires proof of vessel insurance with a minimum liability coverage of $2 000 000 limit and includes a 30 day notice of cancellation. This is mandatory in order to berth in Port Alberni Port Authority Marinas.



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