January 1, 2023

Pursuant to section 51 of the Canada Marine Act, notice is given that effective January 1, 2023, the Port Alberni Port Authority will be revising, berthage fees, direct transfer fee and harbour dues. Further information containing details about the proposal may be obtained from the Port Alberni Port Authority on request. Persons interested in making representations to the Port Authority regarding the subject of the notice may do so in writing to:

Leslie Martin, CPA, CGA, BBA
Director of Finance
Port Alberni Port Authority
2750 Harbour Road Port Alberni BC V9Y 7X2
Telephone: (250) 723-5312, Fax: (250) 723-1114

All commercial vessels (excluding commercial fishing vessels) that enter the Harbour shall pay harbour dues to the Port Alberni Port Authority. Harbour Dues are not payable in respect of the same vessel, entering the harbour, more than five times in any calendar year.

Deep Sea Vessels $.087 per gross registered ton
Coastal Vessels $.065 per gross registered ton

Fee is based on the length of the vessel when it utilizes a berth owned by the Authority, as well as the vessel’s length of stay at the berth. Fee also applies to vessels that are fast to or tied up alongside any other vessel occupying an Authority Property berth.

All vessels $.25/m/hr
Non-Cargo vessels during dock use $.40/m/hr

Fee is for the operation of direct loading or discharging of trans-shipped cargo with vessel’s gear, shore crane, or any other mechanical equipment in a direct movement between vessel, barge, raft, log booms, etc. and:

Ship/barge at Berth $.86 per cu. m.
Ship/barge at Anchor $.43 per cu. m.

Fee for the movement of cargo, goods and containers at Authority Property and is based on weight or measurement of the cargo. Fee is variable by cargo type and /or commodity.

  • $2.25 per MFBM – lumber
  • $1.72 per tonne – pulp, paper & other commodities – loaded dockside
  • $1.72 per tonne – logs – loaded dockside
  • $18.90 per TEU Direct Laden Container
  • $18.90 per TEU Direct Empty Container
  • $18.90 per TEU Direct Barge Laden
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