Cantimber Biotech – Complaint and Event Submission Form

Should you have any comments or concerns about any observations you may have resulting from the Company’s operations please submit a Feedback Form by clicking this link.  All submissions will be immediately sent to both Cantimber Biotech and the Port Authority for review and any necessary action as soon as possible.

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    Pine/lemon/grassy/terpeneSweet (nail polish, solvent, garbage can)Earthy/musty/moldyFuel/gas station(rubbery, glue,gasoline,moth balls, shoe polish, chemical)Campfire/wood burningOther(please specify)

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    Calm (smoke rises vertically)Light air (leaves rustle, smoke drifts, ripples on water)Light/gentle breeze(tree leaves rustle, wind felt on face, flag flapping)Moderate/fresh breeze (branches/small trees move, flags ripple)Strong breeze (large branches move, umbrella difficult to control)